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11 Signs its Time to Detox!

Yearning to experience a vitality filled day, everyday? You know you own the mental motivation and physical energy but need the self-care solution that will help you maintain your optimal energetic self?

Daily Detox

Why is a daily detox routine important?

No matter the strength of your expensive energy booster you just just joke your way through the underlying headache, day by day!

Wondering why you feel fatigued even though you slept 7 -  8 hours? Or why your body is showing odd symptoms like pimples and lumps? Then there's the mental fog to deal with.

You deserve to be completely free from all disease and getting back on track to living your best self might seem like an ongoing pursuit. Simple solutions come simply and easy detox habits are key to maintaining optimal states of well-being.

Many diseases are linked to an overload of toxins in the body. Although the medicines are becoming more deadly and the disease states are rising, you can bypass this part of reality altogether. 

Daily detox habits are key to long term health as the toxin exposure most people receive are beyond the body's natural capability to remove the toxins and build-up body toxins becomes the cause of many health problems. Just a note to remember, no one is going to completely avoid all toxins – but the effort to minimize exposure from and practice wellness methods to counteract toxins are well worth the rewards. 

11 Signs your body is over burdened with toxins:

This is a list of the few most common sign of too much toxin exposure.

#1 - Lacking in mental clarity and motivation 

#2 - Chronic Fatigue - You can simply melt into a nap at the prime of daytime

#3 - Digestive Problems - You experience sluggishness in converting food to energy. You feel congested and might suffer from heartburn.

#4 - Food allergies - You have developed symptomatic reactions to food 

#5 - Body odor and bad breath

#6 - Sleep disorders - you might be suffering from insomnia or lacking in quality rest

#7 - Weight problems - For unaccounted reasons, you pick up weight fast and don't lose it. You know your metabolism is off.

#8 Worsening symptoms of asthma and arthritis 

#9 Erupting of skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema 

#10 Worsened PMS symptoms 

#11 Blurred vision 

There is great value in noting that these are general symptoms frequently experienced by people. The link of toxicity to these signs are a potential indication but could also be a completely irrelevant medical condition. Before assuming that your body is congested with toxins, you should always check up with your healthcare practitioner. However it is a difficult subject to put into practice as many physicians usually have a challenging time assigning a source of symptoms to body toxicity.

Learning the discipline-to-detox is key to optimal well-being. When you make detoxification a part of your life practice it surprisingly rewards you in more ways you ever thought possible!

Complete detox 
What are toxins?

What exactly makes something a toxin, and why that matters for your overall health, has remained as elusive as ever. Following our research, listening to scientists and perceptive clinicians we now better understand that toxicity affects most, if not all of the population. We live in a world where increased toxins are unavoidable and it is up to us to implement the necessary strategies to prevent health problems.

The toxins we are addressing are accumulated substances that are harmful to your body. An unwanted toxin can range from being your system's own by-products that it struggles to eliminate such as built-up free radicals from a metabolic process that involves oxygenation of the cells, undigested nutrients that crystallize in your blood, or by-products from the environment through industrialization that mainly affects our air, water and food along with chemicals (think BPA, pesticides, and all the rest of the seemingly ubiquitous chemicals) through personal care and other consumables. 

We can refer to these as accumulative toxins but the toxins that science is used to dealing with are acutely dangerous and potentially life threatening upon entering your body. These are things like snake venom, varieties of poison, and other disease-causing agents that derive from plants and animals. 

When we talk about daily detox, we are referring to self-care methods that ensure the results of a healthy immune system, better brain functioning, digestive integrity, overall physical and mental vitality by supporting the body with neutralizing and excreting unwanted and accumulative toxins before they cause disease symptoms. It's both a practice of prevention and enhancement of health.

How toxins can be harmful to your body

There are eight main ways toxins damage our bodies.

 #1 Toxins impair your ability to detoxify 
It's highly important to underline the body's own capability to detox, however when you are already over-burdened with accumulated toxins it will be more challenging to only rely on your system's capabilities to detoxify when dealing with health issues. When you have neglected supporting your body in riding itself of toxin build-up, your organs that ensure detoxification become ineffective in performing its vital functions.

#2 Toxins interfere with hormones and cause imbalances. 
Unaccounted fatigue may be prevalent and the likely cause is toxins that induce, inhibit, mimic and block hormones. For instance, arsenic (heavy metal) interferes thyroid hormone receptors on the cells which causes the cells to be incapable of responding to efficient metabolism. 

#3 Toxins damage cell membranes so they don’t respond properly. 
Cell membranes are responsible for cellular protection in controlling what is allowed to enter the interior of the cell and what should be rejected. For instance, glucose that needs to enter the cell is inhibited due to insulin ineffectively being able to signal the cell membrane or magnesium not effectively helping the muscles to relax.

Toxins modify gene expression.
Toxins can effect the genes by interfering with the protein production from your DNA. Protein molecules produced by your DNA are responsible for every function and system of your body. Incorrect protein signaling caused from toxins can cause imbalance in body systems such as the respiratory and endocrine systems.  

#5 Toxins damage DNA, which increases the rate of aging and degeneration. 
DNA is responsible for functioning, growth and development of cells. Many commonly used pesticides, phthalates from plastic, improperly detoxified estrogens, and products containing benzene damage DNA. 

#6 Organ Damage. 
Your body has many functions from various body systems to ensure that toxins get expelled from the body. However, the vital organs that perform the body's natural detoxification processes like the digestive tract, liver and kidneys need to be given a cleanse to ensure the success of the body's natural detox capability. Over burdened organs responsible for detoxification will not be able to efficiently flush out toxins and keep you from staying energized and vitalized. 

#7 Toxins affect levels of structural minerals
A healthy musculoskeletal system is needed for lifelong mobility. Toxins can cause the body to leach calcium from the bones as a reaction to counter the effects toxins have in your system. When toxins displace the calcium present in bone they are pushed into the blood circulation which not only results in weaker bones but increased toxins.

#8 Toxins negatively affect vital enzymes
Enzymes, the incredibly important co-factors that activate necessary chemical reactions for metabolism. Every physiological function depends on enzymes to manufacture molecules, produce energy, and create cell structures. Toxins damage enzymes which keep the body functioning on a cellular level. Damage to the enzymes for instance inhibits the production of hemoglobin in the blood,  or lowers the body’s capacity to prevent oxidative stress that accelerates aging.

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