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3D Gel Bike Cushion

3D Gel Bike Cushion - PARADIGMi

3D Gel Bike Cushion

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You are an avid cyclist, but long for the best cycling gear that propels the momentum of your game.

Are you ready to live your highest potential? Perhaps you need to stay exhilarated while working at becoming the best version of yourself. 

We offer you the ultimate in authenticity with our Cycling Gear!

The Paradigmi™ Cycling collection has this one of a kind 3D Gel Bicycle Cushion simply for you.

Expand your limitations and grab one now for you know it belongs to you!  

You are an avid cyclist, but long journeys and bumpy roads can be a literal pain in the butt!

You wish you could enjoy cycling without the discomfort and pain of a hard bicycle seat. 

The solution? Our 3D (Soft) Bicycle Saddle Cushion! Our 3D Gel Bike Cushion with it's high density soft sponge and polymer material you won't suffer the dread of sitting on a hard saddle ever again!

Built-in drawstring and simple to install

Material: high density sponge and polymer

Size: 280mm x 160mmD

Net weight: about 40g

Due to popular demand and our unbeatable prices, this product may take between 20 and 30 days to arrive.

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