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Eco-friendly Yoga Blocks

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Namaste Yogi!

Are you in need of eco-friendly Yoga Blocks?  

Are you ready to live your highest potential? Perhaps you need to stay inspired while working at becoming the best version of yourself. 

We offer you the ultimate in authenticity with our Cork Yoga Blocks!

The Paradigmi™ Yoga Gear collection has this one of a kind Natural Yoga Blocks only for you.

Expand your practice and grab one now for you know it belongs to you! 

Our Natural Yoga Blocks are produced with no bonding substances or toxic materials. Our cork yoga blocks are 100% Eco-friendly & formulated to decompose, leaving behind only pure water and biodegradable particles.

✓ Designed for all yoga types
✓ Cork Wood
✓ Support Poses

✓ Made by high density cork, natural and eco-friendly, also lightweight and durable
✓ Nonslip surface with beveled edges for easy gripping, always having a full control with our yoga blocks
✓ Stabilize and balance your practice, support and modify your poses, help to get optimal alignment
✓ Help you stay safe by avoiding muscle tension or strain caused by low flexibility and strength
✓ Convenient to use, could be used at home, office or outdoors

✓ Material: Cork
✓ Size: 24*16*8.8cm/9.4*6.3*3.5in
✓ Weight: 400g/14.1oz

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