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Gymnastic Rings / Crossfit Pull Up Rings

Gymnastic Rings / Crossfit Pull Up Rings - PARADIGMi

Gymnastic Rings / Crossfit Pull Up Rings

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Are you in need of a game changer to your work-out routine? Do you need some variety to maintain inspiration in your fitness game?
Are you ready to live your highest potential? Perhaps you need to stay thrilled while working at becoming the best version of yourself. 

Are you looking for perfect gym rings to develop physical agility and coordination? Do you have a fear of falling off or breaking your rings because you think it couldn't handle your weight? Paradigmi has got your back. Our best exercise equipment includes perfect Wooden Exercise Rings with 1500lbs weight capacity. We offer durable fitness rings for a workout so you could never fall from your insecurities. Natural birch wood absorbs moisture from hands and gives you a professional feel each time you push yourself even harder.

We offer you the ultimate in authenticity with our Crossfit Pull-up Rings!

The Paradigmi™ Gym collection has this one of a kind exercise set only for you.

Expand your limitations and grab one now for you know it belongs to you! 

This set of workout gear will help you take your strength, mobility and endurance to the next level!

Ideal for working out with a partner as inter-changing equipment between repetitions create a fitness flow.

✓   Easy to mount
✓   Material: Birch Wood
 Capacity: 680kg/1500lbs
✓   Buckles: Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy Buckles
✓   Ring thickness: 1.1 inches
 ✓  Outer Diameter: 9.2inches
 ✓  Inner Diameter: 6.7 inches
 ✓  Straps: High-quality Nylon
 ✓  Strap Width: 2.5cm/0.98 inches
 ✓  Strap Length:450cm

Why are Wood Gymnastics Rings better than plastic?

✓  Firm Grip as wood absorbs moisture quickly from hands
✓  Perfect for maintaining upper body strength. These Calisthenics Rings are aesthetically pleasing
and give a professional vibe
✓  Not limited to muscle building; pull up rings also maintain coordination, flexibility, agility, and
✓  Vision athletic Tape is reusable and enhances the grip of palms
✓  2 x Birch Wooden Gymnastics Rings
✓  2 x Adjustable Straps and Heavy Duty Buckles
✓  2 x Black Hand Tapes

Do not waste your time on Fitness Rings that are not strong enough to hold your weight. Get out of the

box this time and choose Paradigmi's Gymnastic Rings. Workout with confidence, boost your
stamina, achieve your weight goals.

Due to popular demand and our unbeatable prices, this product may take between 20 and 30 days to arrive.

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