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Lotus Acupressure Mat

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Namaste Yogi!

Are you in need of a solution to back and neck pain? Do you need a boost in blood circulation, or do you need help soothing headaches and migraine. 

Perhaps you need that special method that just helps your muscles relax after a long day. Maybe you need an effective solution for a quick way to let go of anxiety, stress and fully stimulate zour nervous system.

Are you ready to live your highest potential? We will help you stay inspired while working at becoming the best version of yourself. 

We offer you the ultimate in authenticity with our Lotus Accupresure Yoga Mat!

The Paradigmi™ Yoga Gear collection has this one of a kind Accupresure Mat only for you.

Expand your self-worth and grab one now for you know it belongs to you! 

  The pillow is filled with buckwheat husks and its aroma help promote calm
  Comes in 3 Sizes: Medium - Small - Large
  Promotes Massage & Relaxation
 Material: Cotton, ABS

RELEASE TENSION THE NATURAL WAY: Plunge in deep relaxation after a tiring day with the of nature! Lie on a premium 18''X 30'' (44 x 74 cm) Acupressure Yoga Mat and let the lotus flower spikes stimulate your body's pressure points! In just 20 to 45 minutes this acupressure message mat will clear your mind of thoughts, relieve stress, restore inner balance and help you tune in to your real self. Along with that it could help alleviate your back and neck pain relief.

ALLEVIATE PAIN & EXPERIENCE WELLNESS: Reap the benefits of the spiked mat, an age-old Holistic method! Offer yourself a therapeutic massage from the convenience of your home and boost blood circulation for sciatica pain relief, back and neck pain, help sooth headaches and migraine, or fibromyalgia pain relief. Accupressure mats will help you feel rejuvenated and energized!

SUPERIOR QUALITY MANUFACTURE: Steer clear of poorly crafted foam-filled Massage Mats that lack the right spike density and sharpness for optimal effects! Made of 100% natural, hypoallergenic materials, this pressure point mat is filled with breathable, odor-repelling coco fiber, lined with the softest unbleached linen cover, ethically harvested with utmost respect for the environment.

MULTIPURPOSE FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS: The Acupresure mat is made to enhance your overall quality of life. Our Acupuncture mat is much more than a stress relief mat! Use it at least 3 times a week and rediscover your healthier, happier, more youthful self! It will help you lift your spirits, enhance your mood, sleep easier or take your yoga and meditation sessions to a completely new level.

ENJOY PEERLESS WELLNESS! We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our Eco-Friendly reflexology mat
You will be absolutely thrilled with our Self-Massage Acupressure Mat for sleep

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