Anti-Hair Loss Organic Ginger Shampoo

Anti-Hair Loss Organic Ginger Shampoo - Paradigm Integrative

Anti-Hair Loss Organic Ginger Shampoo

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Are you saddened by hair loss?  Need a way to get your hair to stop leaving a trace everywhere but on your scalp?

Set Repair to Damaged Hair with the Ultikare Organic Ginger Shampoo and Serum for the prevention of hair loss and regeneration of hair growth. We chose this product as part of the Paradigm Integrative™ Self Care collection because we know what the results will bring you in resolving the challenge you have with dull, broken, and thinning hair.

This product can also be used for everyday hair health and to simply have your best hair day, everyday!

Product includes: 300 ml Organic Anti-hair loss Ginger Shampoo + 15ml Anti-hair loss serum

✓ Suitable for all hair types

Anti hair loss

 Strengthens hair

  Promotes and stimulates Hair regrowth

   Activate the hair roots for better integrity

Travel friendly

Eco-friendly & Organic

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