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Fitness Resistance Bands

Fitness Resistance Bands - PARADIGMi

Fitness Resistance Bands

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Do you dream to build the best figure you can possibly have?

Are you in need of a game changer to your work-out routine? Do you need some variety to maintain inspiration in your fitness game?

Are you ready to live your highest potential? Perhaps you need to stay thrilled while working at becoming the best version of yourself. 

We offer you the ultimate in authenticity with our Fitness Resistance Bands!

The Paradigmi™ Gym collection has this one of a kind Fitness Resistance Bands only for you.

Expand your limitations and grab one now for you know it belongs to you! 

Are you missing out on looking physically fantastic due to missing out on working out?

Do you need a reliable, portable and effective gym apparatus that will allow you the same benefits that high tech professional gym apparatuses do? 

The answer? Our epic Fitness Resistance Bands! We are super excited to offer you our multi-functional resistance bands for your ultimate exercise regimen.

Take the resistance bands along wherever you travel and keep up your gym habits anyplace, anytime!

Use at Home, Outdoor, Office, or Gym

✓ Yellow Bands: 10LBS
✓ Green Bands: 15LBS
✓ Red Bands: 20LBS
✓ Blue Bands: 25LBS
✓ Black Bands: 30LBS

✓ Strengthens Chest Muscles
✓ Strengthens Arm Muscles
✓ Strengthens Thighs Muscles
✓ Strengthens Calf Muscles

Develop your ultimate physique with this gym piece. It's all you need!

Due to popular demand and our unbeatable prices, this product may take between 20 and 30 days to arrive.

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