Natural Meditation Cushions

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Natural Meditation Cushions

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Natural weaved straw Meditations Cushions

Hand Woven Round Japanese Tatami Cushion

100% brand new and high quality

It is made by hand-woven natural cattail, without any chemical dyes, and is made purely by hand.

It can be used as a parent-child mat for daily use at home, bay window mat, meditation, yoga, and playing with babies.

No special care and maintenance are required, and it is easy to clean. It can be cleaned daily, or scrubbed or scrubbed with a damp cloth. It must be completely dried before use, and it will not fade and change shape.

✓ Natural Cattail Mat, Floor Straw Padded

✓ Seat Dimension: 45 x 10cm / 17.71" x 3.93" 
30 x 6cm / 11.81" x 2.36"

✓ Colour: Beige Quantity: 1 Pc Note:

✓ Please allow 1cm difference due to manual measurement.

✓ Package includes: 1 Pc x Round Sitting Cushion

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