Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

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Namaste Yogi!

Are you in need of your Eco-friendly Yoga Mat? Have you been wanting to advance your practice and gear up as well? 

The Integrative™ Eco-friendly Yoga Mat is constructed from 'closed cell' TPE technology. This technology ensures that bacteria & odor cannot penetrate the mat surface. No bonding substances or toxic materials are used in production. These mats are 100% Eco-friendly & formulated to decompose in landfills, leaving behind water and biodegradable particles.

✓ Designed for all yoga types

✓ Easy to clean

✓ Come with one black yoga mat bag!

✓ Double-sided use 

✓ Non-slip, comfortable and environmentally friendly

✓ Non-toxic and odorless 

✓ Have good rebound and support 

✓ Suitable for all yoga enthusiasts 

Size: 1830mm*600mm*6mm
Net weight: 900g  

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